A Mortgage Valuation is NOT a survey

If you are borrowing money to help you buy your home the lender will obtain a valuation report for them, you may never see it.

This is designed to help them decide if it is safe to lend you money. Increasingly it is a desktop exercise or maybe a ‘drive by’ without anyone ever properly inspecting the property.

You will speak to the surveyor who will be visiting your chosen property before they inspect it, you can voice any concerns you may have and they will explain what they are going to do – and what they will not do.

We can provide the opportunity for you to accompany the surveyor on their inspection of the property which means that you can ask any questions you may have and the surveyor can explain their findings

Homebuyers Report

The homebuyers report is a standard report designed by the RICS to help you make informed decisions about buying your new home. It includes :-

  • An inspection of all major elements of the property. For example roof, walls, floors, gutters, windows, heating, drainage.
  • Provides a traffic light report rating items from red requiring urgent action to green for no action required.
  • Identify areas were you need to consult a legal advisor to investigate further.
  • A valuation of the property.