44 South Snowdon Wharf, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, North Wales                  
 E-mail enquiry@snowdonwharf.co.uk                  
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4 Star Welsh Tourist Board grading

How To Book

  • Check Availability - We endeavour to keep availability on this site up to date but to be certain it is worth sending us an  email.
  • Make a Provisional Booking -  You can make a provisional booking by emailing us , this will be held for three days until the completed booking form is received.
  • Complete the Booking Form - Print out the booking form and send it with initial payment within three working days. Booking Form
  • Booking Confirmation - We will then process your booking and confirm it in writing. Bookings will only be accepted for couple of family groups.
Cancellation Protection

It is bad enough to have to cancel your holiday without also having to pay the full balance. To try and avoid this we have arranged very competitive cancellation protection. Click here for full details of the cover.

Security Bond

The competitive and fair rents are based on the understanding that the you provide a returnable security bond of 50. This is in the form of a cheque that will not be cashed without first consulting with you. In the absence of a claim the cheque will be destroyed or returned.




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