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Names of all members in the party (ages if below 21please) (max 5)  
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I am over 21 years of age. I wish this booking form to be part of the contract for the holiday letting. I have read the terms and conditions. I understand that you will advise me whether the house is available for the dates I have requested and that payment of the booking deposit must preceed your confirmation of booking.

Signed __________________________________________  Dated : _____________

Once complete please send the form to 78 Stafford Road, Stone, Staffs, ST15 0EX

Holiday Price


Cancellation Protection

(15 less than 400, 20 for 400 to 500, 25 over 500)


Total Price Due


Initial Payment
when booking more than 6 weeks prior to the holiday 60 plus cancellation insurance, if booking less than 6 weeks prior the full rent is due

Please make cheques payable to Susan Crookshank


Remainder Due 6 weeks Prior            .00
Security bond (separate cheque due 6 weeks prior)        50.00



1. The owner shall grant the occupier for the purposes of a holiday let only (and not for general residential purposes or otherwise) the Occupier whose booking has been confirmed the right to occupy the house at South Snowdon Wharf ("the house") and to use the Furniture, Fixtures and Effects therein ("the Furnishings")
2. The Occupier shall
(a) Use the House and Furnishings strictly for holiday use only.
(b) Not do or suffer to be done in or in the environs of the House anything which may be or may become a nuisance or annoyance to the Owners or to the Owners or Occupiers of any other property at South Snowdon Wharf or which may vitiate any insurance of the House or any other property at South Snowdon Wharf against fire or otherwise or increase the ordinary premium thereof.
(c) Use the House and the Furnishings in a tenant-like manner and keep the same clean in a clean and tidy condition and so yield them up at the expiration or earlier determination of the agreed holiday occupancy and shall pay the cost of repairing any damage to the House or the Furnishings sustained during the period of the occupancy or the cost of replacing any of the Furnishings which may have been damaged, lost or destroyed during the occupancy (fair wear and tear excluded).
(d) Not remove any of the Furnishings from the House.
(e) Not assign, let or part with the possesion of the House or the Furnishings or any part thereof during the period of the holiday occupancy.
(f) Permit the Owners or the Owners Agents with or without workmen to enter the House at reasonable hours in daytime to inspect the condition of the House and Furnishings and to carry out and repairs that may be necessary.
(g) Not allow animals in the House or smoke in the House.
(h) The Occupier shall not permit any person to occupy the House with him other than any of the persons specified in the Booking Form.
3. Neither the Owner or the Owners Agents shall be liable to the Occupier or any member of the Occupiers party for any personal injury or loss or damage to property however caused or sustained notwithstanding that such personal injury or loss or damage may be caused by the negligence default or wilful act or ommission of the Owners or Owners Agents or any the Owners employees or guests tenants or other occupants.
4. Occupancies shall commence after 2:00pm on the first day of the agreed holiday occupancy and terminate at 10 am on the last day of the agreed holiday occupancy unless the holiday occupancy has already terminated.
5. No booking shall be confirmed until the intending Occupier shall have paid to the Owners the requisite booking deposit and cancellation protection premium. As soon as the booking is confirmed the Occupier becomes liable to the full rent for the holiday. The booking deposit shall be regarded as payment in advance of the rent and the balance of the rent shall be payable not later than 6 weeks before the agreed holiday occupancy is due to commence.
6. If there shall be any breach of these Terms and Conditions the agreed holiday occupancy shall forthwith be terminated and the Occupier without prejudice to other rights and remedies of the Owners shall immediately vacate and the Owner or Owners Agents shall immediately re-enter the House.
7. If for reasons beyond the control of the Owners, the Owners are forced to cancel  a booking the booking deposit and any rent paid shall be returned by the Owner but the intending Occupier shall have no other claim against the Owner.
8. Six weeks before the start date of the agreed holiday the Occupier will send a returnable security bond to the Owner in the form of a 50 cheque endorsed with bankers card number. Missing or broken items, replacements or repairs must be reported to the Owner without delay NOT AT TERMINATION so that disputes over who caused the damage can be eliminated. Any payment for breakages, damage, extra cleaning etc must be generously and adequately compensated. The occupier must leave the House in the same condition as it was found. The cheque will not be cashed without first consulting the Occupier and in the absence of a claim will be either cancelled or returned after the holiday.